I am not saying I don’t like Christmas but I cannot help at this time of year to feel for those who must dread Christmas for one reason or another be it loneliness or financial to name two both of which are detrimental to health both physical and mental.

There does need to be more awareness for those who are less fortunate.  Evidence can be found to support the fact that those who are lonely and have less social interaction are more likely to have a shorter life span.

Humans need a sense of community we are not solitary animals.  Hence another reason why I teach classes as this brings a sense of getting together, likeminded people and enjoy what we do together…..I hope.

This year more than ever people are in crisis so why not give to the local food bank:-

We have one here in Faversham and at least two of the supermarkets collect on their behalf so why not throw a few extra tins in your xmas shop and provide a little something for those in desperate situations…..can you imagine not being able to do your Christmas shop and get the things that you want?

Should you find yourself alone at Christmas try a few of these tip and try to enjoy it is the main thing.

Have a restful time over the Christmas period.

Back again in 2019 x