Tis the season to continue your exercise regime not let it all go to pot because you haven’t got time.  I still hear of some people unfortunately asking why exercise?…….apart from the fact it can give you a better quality of life, here is one of life’s little stresses which occurs every year which exercise can help with.

Christmas is upon us so parties to attend, late night shopping to see to, trawling the internet for ideas on who to get what, food to buy and prepare and so on…………

Exercise subjects the body to challenges to help deal with stresses being mental stress and stresses in the environment as and when they occur.  By exercising that means you will be able to carry that extra bag home from the shops without it being an issue.  You can quickly sprint to the next shop before it closes.  Also you can stand strong and still have enough energy when it comes to getting in the shops for the January sales instead of the feeling of exhaustion after the festivities.

Exercise doesn’t just help the body cope with external stresses it can also help the mind deal with all the little extras Christmas brings for you to think about.

Exercise can prevent you from being caught short when you need that burst of energy or that quick reaction to the environment that surrounds you.