I am a preventer which some people struggle to understand.  The question I get asked is why am I doing this?  And my answer is for prevention purposes.

One of my aims is to educate people on the best ways to move.  By learning better movement patterns you can prevent unnecessary wear and tear.  Wear and tear will occur naturally though the aging process, you cannot eliminate the process BUT you can prevent an early onset.  Poor movement patterns can lead to early onset and for some people suffering can occur from there on.

I try and show a variety of ways to breathe to prevent tension from arising.  Breathing in different ways can help to de-stress the body amongst other benefits:-



I jump to help maintain a reasonable level of bone density and to help prevent against osteoporosis and fractures from slips, trips or falls:-


I add in cardio vascular training for the heart to prevent against disease.  The heart is a muscle and can be strengthened with exercise to improve its function:-


Here are just a few things I do and try to teach to help prevent against disease and injury.

Prevention is better than cure plus it is likely to be less painful in the long term.

You do need to take responsibility for your body.  Your body is the best cheater in the world and it will not put its self out to challenges unless you make the challenges for it.  You need to challenge your body or it will not function to its best ability and in this case you are more susceptible to disease and injury.  Your body is not just there for the taking and abusing.