We all say things to ourselves about resisting temptation whether it be not eating that piece of chocolate or having that extra biscuit.

Does this relate to lack of willpower?  Some studies say that willpower acts like a muscle where energy can be used up:-

Or is it linked to thoughts and brain activity:-

Which will it be?  For me, if you think then it will be that way.

Do you ever wonder why you think about starting that exercise programme but never get round to it?  You just keep saying the words in your head and thinking you will do it, or will do it next time.  Sometimes the thought can be enough for some people to bring about a positive sense and feel better.  However, we must be productive and continue to action what we have thought or it might not ever happen.

Brain activity is an amazing thing and is one of the hardest things to study:-


Bodyweight exercises can be quick, simple and done anywhere.  It is better to train outside than inside if there is the opportunity.

Bodyweight exercises can be anything from calisthenics, plyometrics, yoga and pilates.

One of the most popular isometric exercises is the plank, which I am sure you have all heard of.  Isometric means the position is held for a period of time without adding any movement.  Remember to breath!

There are many different ways to vary a plank including side plank and rear support plank.

Another example would be the wall sit.  I like the bit about cravings at the end.

Both of these exercises you can do daily so why not start today?


Exercise is the most scientifically proven cognitive enhancer.  Exercising has an abundance of benefits but it does take effort and no pill will ever be able to substitute actual effort.

Regular exercise can improve your brain power which can last a lifetime.

There are even links between physical activity and protecting against dementia.

What type of exercise improves cognitive function, well basically any form!



Have you ever taken a moment to consider your breathing technique?  It’s worth paying attention to.

The likelihood is that if you are suffering from poor posture then your breathing is suffering as well and if you are not breathing as efficiently as you could then performance can be affected too amongst other things.  Take a little look at the list in the first link below.

By practicing good posture and efficient breathing you can help to improve the way you feel.  More energised.

Pilates is a practice which can help to improve posture and breathing.


Wear and tear will occur as a natural process as we age.  Not what we all want to hear?  You can of course do things to help slow the process as much as possible.  Unnecessary wear and tear can speed up the process which can lead to more severe symptoms and suffering such as in conditions like arthritis and osteoarthritis

Poor movement patterns can lead to unnecessary wear and tear.  A common mistake in some people’s movement is not bending the knees when picking up an object or putting it down which can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the back.

Your body is the best cheater for compensatory movement that you will ever meet so albeit your body has been moving like it has for years but it might not have been moving in the way to keep wear and tear at bay.

Good posture and movement patterns are key for correct alignment.

By following these simply guidelines you can continue to do the things you enjoy rather than avoiding them or simply stopping all together.